G.I.R.L.S. RANCH is dedicated to investing in the emotional and spiritual lives of troubled girls and to encourage them to live to their fullest potential.

Support Groups

Let’s face it, sometimes LIFE HURTS and we get caught up in habits that are hard to break. If you are dealing with pain (who isn't) including: eating disorders, abuse, unhealthy relationships, pornography, drinking, cutting, etc., then Life Hurts God Heals (LHGH) is for you. LHGH is a 13-week, 8-step support group specifically for teens who have experienced pain and desire a safe, non-judgmental place where they can talk through life with friends and supportive leaders!

How to Help

Help raise money for the cause.

Donate money or time.

Pray for our girls, or keep us in your thoughts.

Sponsor a girl
Sponsor a girl in our program.


“Oh my goodness, you have no earthly idea how much Life Hurts God Heals has helped me. It truly has made me a stronger person. I have for sure come out of my shell. This has helped me with that. Through this I have learned that it is okay to be struggling and even that a lot of other people I know are struggling and had no idea. It is cool. It is a great place to come and just talk it out and know people are not going to judge me for anything. I love knowing that someone is listening and will encourage me through this situation. I love LHGH.” - 17 year old female